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Le monde somptois et les mots anglais somptois... Bon tout de suite en français There is not play on word !    

We haven’t got very good english, but we did this page for all english people who want to understand what is the Team Somptois…Good Luck, I know it's difficult for you to understand this thing who I don't understand...

What is the Team Somptois?

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What is the Team Somptois ?

The Team Somptois is a little Mountain Bike Team in “Deux-Sèvres” (it’s in France between Poitiers and La Rochelle). We practice Mountain Bike and we ride everywhere in France, sometimes in other countries...

TS in FranceTS in Catalogna in Spain

See the French site:  Les randos du Team

In the team, we use a very special vocabulary. It’s very difficult to understand for a lot of french people because we have a particulate vocabulary. For example when a normal french say “je suis fatigué” (It’s “I am tired” in English), a Somptois say “Je suis complètement pourri” (it’s “I am so Rotten” in English)…A lot of French people don’t understand our vocabulary, that’s why it’s so difficult for English ! For helping you to understand some words :

Attaque: it’s when you ride very fast. It’s Attack in English (by on line translation).

Here, Coyote do a real attack of "psychopath deglinguo ouf"... Don't worry, if you understand that, it's a real problem for you !

Gamelle: it’s when you don’t stay in your bike and you have some contact with the ground. It’s Mess tin in English (by on line translation).

Water have some problems. It's a Water'mess... I hope you understand !La Fouine have some problems. It's a Fouine'mess... I hope you understand !

Lutter: it’s when we have a lot of problems, our when it’s too difficult, I say: “je lutte comme un porc”. It’s to Fight in English (by on line translation) but it’s not the same thing.

Pourri / pourriture: It's difficult because there are 2 ways of understanding. It’s when you are very tired (“Je suis complètement pourri”) or when the team lost you because you run very fast (“Je vous ai complètement pourri tellement j’attaquai”). It’s Rotten in English (by on line translation).

Randonnées / Rando: it’s like cross country but it's note exactely the same thing. We do and did that everywhere in France (Lot, Massif Central, Alpes...) We love that, when we are in  holidays we always take our bike to do something and to go somewhere with it...

Somewhere in Spain...Somewhere in Canada near Jasper.

Spot: it’s doing a difficult way with our bike... It’s not a light in this sense !

A beautiful spot in Chef BoutonneAn other spot in Paizay le Tort

Team Somptois: It’s the name of our team because we come from a very very very little city: Sompt. Sompt is near Melle... This town is in Deux-sèvres in France in Europe in world...

See the French site:  Le Langage somptois

Members of The Team :

In the Team, we are a lot of riders, for talking about them we use a lot of nicknames who aren’t very understandable by other people...

The Fouine: It’s the name of an animal and it’s a member of the TS. He Know what is attack and it’s the best when we are in mountain… I think he is the best rider of the team !

Fouine à la SNF 2005 après une nuit de marche...Fouine à PaizayFouina catalaneFouine à Melle

The Boss : It’s the captain of the team, it’s the Fouine’s father too. He organizes our road-book but sometimes he has some problem of timing and we lost the good way…

Boss faisant de la peinture à PeyresqBoss au CanadaBoss en CatalogneBoss à la Réunion

Samy : It’s the nickname of a very famous rider in France... And it’s the Nickname of Guillaume of TS too. He like riding and he love doing his "quéqué"... I don't know that in english... Sorry !

Samy au ski en pleine communication après un petit passage dans les cailloux !Motte TuffeauRocSamy au Roc

Bip-bip: It’s the name of a very Famous Road-runner in a Cartoon. And in the Team, Bip-bip is very speed when Coyote is near him...

BIP BIP finit dans la fontaine de sompt après avoir attaqué comme un boeuf sur le petit muret. Il n'a pas pu freiner sur l'herbe humide et a donc logiquement sombré en PPD dans 10 cm d'eau accompagné de cailloux le tout en plein mois de novembre !

Waterproof or Water : He’s always in water in January or in March; he always wants to swim... In French it’s “Résistant à l’eau” but it’s so ridiculous that’s why we use the english word...

Water amis des bêtes...Attaque pour faire un saut de merde...Le PPD mythique de la jeunesse...

The Fourbe: It’s a person who does “Fourberies” like “Les Fourberies Of Scapin by Molière”. It’s Deceitful in English (by on line translation) but I don’t know if it’s the same thing. The Fourbe like technical single-tracks. Now, he comes with us just in holidays because he has a lot of work !

Au ski...Fourbe à la Réunion

The Coyote: It’s the same story than Bip-bip, he don’t use his brain (but we don’t know if he have one…) when he takes his bike...

Coyote lors de la SNFCoyote se lachePréalpes

The TS'girls : They are the girls of the team. They don't do bike very often but I think they like that !

TS girls encourageant SamyMarine et Mathilde à Peyresq

In the TS there are the TS'pieton : It's the members who don't do bike. They walk when the other ride.

Les Mams

The Jeun’s : It’s the Samy Brother’s, he has this nickname because he was the last member of the teamwhen he came in the team but now he's not the last rider in TS ! It's easy to understand, no ??? Jeun’s in somptois is " jeune" in French, and it’s young in English.

Jeune cassanr son ski et désespéré par le fait qu'on soit très loin de notre appart....

Mickael :It's the last member that's why he haven't got a nickname. But now, we don't what he do on sunday's because he don't do riding.... It's a story of girl, I think...

The Furet : It’s the name of an animal, the ferret in English. He like Jumps and He Attacks when he is on a spot. Now he never come with us. He stopped mountain bike but it’s a friend of the team…The ferret is always a member of the teami, our heart and I hope that he recame...

Et un genou en vrac !Furet en PPD à la Barbette

See The French site : Membres du team 

Gamelles’s Stories :

For our, give a kiss with the ground is a real addiction. We like that because it’s so fun... In the site, we explain how it was.

Voilà typiquement le genre de passage que Water ne passera jamais...On pourrait croire que tout va bien alors qu'en fait il n'y que 15 cm de flotte...

See the French site: Histoire de gamelles

Somptois Universe :

 Near our Houses, there are a lot of places where we practice Mountain bike, it’s the “Spots du Team Somptois”. and me ride every montains too, it's te "Rando Book of Team Somptois".

Wat - Mai 2006Samy - Melle - hiver 2007Water dans un truc potentiellement casse gueule !

See the French site : Nos spots and Rando-book

On Line translation :

And if you want to understand the entire site you can use an on-line translation. It’s not always a good translation but it could be a good way to understand our Web-site : et

Return To French Somptois Site

…TS, It’s not just riding, it’s a way of life…

A way of life.... No ?A way of life.... No ?

Special thanks to : all my English teachers like Mme Bulko or Mr Leclerc / Charlotte from Australia who sign our “ livre d’or / My English dictionary / The on-line translation / Nb: look the dashier for the play on word in the title....